PRISM playlist

prismLately, it seems a new government scandal surfaces daily. It’s starting to play like a pretty decent political thriller. So, I guess it’s time for a soundtrack. I suggest the following playlist (playable on Spotify):

  • Rockwell: “Somebody’s Watching Me”
  • Green Day: “Espionage”
  • “Mission Impossible Theme”
  • Roy Zimmerman: “Hello, NSA”
  • Weird Al Yankovic: “Party in the CIA”
  • Ewun: “Phone Tap”
  • Johnny Rivers: “Secret Agent Man”
  • DotEXE: “Internet Police”
  • Coldplay: “Spies”
  • Trifonic: “Infiltration”
  • Level 42: “Are You Hearing (What I Hear)?”
  • Hoobastank: “Out of Control”
  • Gabriella Cilmi: “Save the Lies”
  • Bretón: “Edward the Confessor”
  • DJ Encore with Engelina: “I See… Continue reading

Harbor Breeze Rutherford Ceiling Fan Instructions

I don’t like keeping a lot of paper around. I scan everything I can into Evernote. That includes the instruction guides for products I own. Many of the guides are available online, so I can just download them into Evernote. I recently installed a ceiling fan. To avoid needing to scan the instruction manual, I checked online for a digital copy, and there doesn’t seem to be one available. However, I saw a few people asking for one, either because they lost theirs or bought the fan used and it didn’t include instructions. So, I’m providing a link to my… Continue reading

What’s on my iPhone: Intro & page 1

When people notice I have an iPhone, they often ask if I know of any apps they should have. I figure some others may find that sort of info useful, so today I’m starting a blog series showing the apps I use. I’m going to do this by showing screenshots of the app pages from my iPhone starting with the home screen in this article with future posts for the other ten (yes, I have eleven pages of apps). I have an iPhone 4, but most of these apps can also be used on other iPhone models, iPads, and iPod… Continue reading

A social program for mobility

A libertarian proposing a social program is a paradox. But that’s what I’m doing. And before I’m done, I’ll explain why libertarians should embrace it.

In debates between liberals and libertarians, things often lead to a libertarian saying something such as:

“If the schools are so bad and the jobs pay so little, these people should move some other place where things are better. This enables competitive market forces that eventually raise the level of quality across the board.”

And this sounds great. But it ignores that fact that many of the people affected by a bad environment don’t have… Continue reading

Steve, the porn magnate with an island (Writing journal, November 4, 2012)

Well, I got started yesterday. I’m putting this together as I go—no outline—not really any prep at all other than a few notes and a few other things floating around in my head. I’ve got just 1041 words so far, and I need to have 6666 by the end of today to be on target.

It’s good to have some words down, though. It’s very sloppy so far—I’m going back and forth between sections, writing parts as I think of them. No real care to tense. There’s going to be a lot of rework, but for now I just want… Continue reading

Three days in and still an empty page (Writing journal, November 3, 2012)

OK, it’s time to get back on track. Where has the time gone? I got sidetracked with preparation for selling the house and then cleanup of the flooded basement due to Hurricane Sandy. And now it’s three days into November and I haven’t written anything. But that changes today.

I’ve decided to go ahead and write Execution Isle instead of Unanimous Consent for NaNoWriMo even though most of my preparation had been for the latter. I’ll just have to figure out the story as I go this month. I’m going to work on the first part now: turning my notes… Continue reading

Naming names (Writing journal, October 22, 2012)

After writing yesterday’s journal entry, I did go ahead and pick up reading Atlas Shrugged where I left off a few months ago. By this point, I’d forgotten some of the specifics, but I kept plodding along anyway. I’ve got this one on the Kindle, which is great for highlighting and taking notes, but not so good at being able to thumb back and review previous chapters. Maybe because I’d lowered my expectations by now, but I was actually finding the writing in this portion of the book (middle) pretty good. Tons of dialog. And I came to… Continue reading

What’s the point (of view)? (Writing journal, October 21, 2102)

After having made some decent progress on defining my character and plot for Unanimous Consent, I now find myself struggling to choose the point of view for the narrative. I had been assuming a third person objective point of view. But my quest to find something new to read made me question that. I decided to stop reading Atlas Shrugged for now; it’s simply too much work. And besides, maybe it’s better if I don’t compare my novel to it at this point; that can come later. So, I scanned by bookshelves for something new to read.

My old… Continue reading

Well, at least the dog has a name (Writing journal, October 19, 2012)

I’ve got outside jobs to do today, but it’s been damp and gloomy this morning, so I’m going to put a few things in the journal first.

Things really seem to be coming together nicely for Unanimous Consent. I spent much of last night organizing my notes in Scrivener. I had previously written some portions–most of which I no longer like, so I moved them to a new folder called “Experiments”. I also created folders for characters and places. And in addition to the top-level notes document I had, I’ve now added ones for “Outline”, “Dialog Bits”, and… Continue reading

Five guys walk into a bar… (Writing journal, October 18, 2012)

I had a lot of non-writing activities planned for today, but haven’t really been feeling up to them. But that’s OK, because today feels more like a writing day anyway. And by the way, writing days aren’t just writing, they also can include reading and just plain old thinking. I’ve been reading more of Is Life Like This? and it’s giving me lots to think about because I’m into the chapters on the real meat of novel construction. Specifically, characters and plot. I feel like I’m starting to get a handle on my main character for “Unanimous Consent” but a… Continue reading

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