Harbor Breeze Rutherford Ceiling Fan Instructions

I don’t like keeping a lot of paper around. I scan everything I can into Evernote. That includes the instruction guides for products I own. Many of the guides are available online, so I can just download them into Evernote. I recently installed a ceiling fan. To avoid needing to scan the instruction manual, I checked online for a digital copy, and there doesn’t seem to be one available. However, I saw a few people asking for one, either because they lost theirs or bought the fan used and it didn’t include instructions. So, I’m providing a link to my scanned version in case it may be useful to someone. If you find this useful, consider sending a small donation through Dwolla.

Here’s the Harbor Breeze Rutherford Ceiling Fan Instructions for Model E-HS52BCW5C1L.


3 Responses to Harbor Breeze Rutherford Ceiling Fan Instructions

  • Almeda wortham says:

    I got a Rutherford ceiling fan for Christmas and it don’t work at all. And Lowe’ don’t sale them now.

  • sally blackburn says:

    help. i bought this platinum serieies fan from lowes several years ago. my husband has past and i am trying to put it up. everything is in the box but my ma ,who has dementia took out the instructions out. please. sent me the instructions

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